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                                                                                    Inspirational Solutions with BEIYANG Acoustic System
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                                                                                    Beiyang building materials is a leading residential and commercial building materials manufacturers
                                                                                    BEIYANG dates back to 1996,when the first fiberglass ceiling were produced from here.Today the company is a global
                                                                                    supplier of fiberglass/rock wool based ceiling tiles and functional tissues,with the focus on commercial and industrial interior acoustic
                                                                                    system.BEIYANG maintain an ongoing concern about ennovation and sustainable development to contribute to a better environment
                                                                                    for people's living.
                                                                                    From raw material to finished product beiyang insist on green supply chain management to reduce the environmental burden
                                                                                    Quality Is
                                                                                    We're doing the best we can do for you with higher quality products and the use of experience.
                                                                                    20 years of Beiyang to create and change from product design to industrial concept we will continue to innovate
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